Thank you for coming over to the about page.

You are probably wondering whether to purchase a 'Fuck Email' print, a load of stencilled cocks or a face which can be hung upside down to suggest a mood. Congratulations...

These prints are limited to just a few (depending how many the lovely Harvey Lloyd Screens wants to do) and wont be around forever. They are screen-printed in black ink onto some GF Smith Colorplan. Which is a very very nice paper. They will be rolled and placed into a protective tube by my fair hands and sent by the happy post people at Royal Mail. 

I will promise to give £5 from every single one of the cocks posters sold to the Prostate Cancer UK charity as well. If I don't do this then you have every right to call me out on social media and probably something really bad will happen to me as karma. So I will do it. 

If you want to know more or ask any questions. Please email me, as despite my print, I do like getting emails and have even be known to reply sometimes.

If you want to bypass the postal service and come and meet me at my studio, that can be arranged as long as you promise not to kill me or be really weird and hang around for ages.